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The Repeat Prescriptions Service is a convenient way to manage your repeat prescriptions, saving you time and additional, unnecessary trips to your GP. Request online and we'll take care of the rest. Select your local pharmacy from the below listings, where you will be then taken to the dedicated page of that pharmacy where you can then fill in the online form

We're a London-based pharmacy, and our stores are situated in areas that allow us to cater to a broad range of locations and customers. Utilise this list of locations,  and we will direct you to an online form that will register your closest area. Doing so helps us with your prescription order, ensuring we send it to the right places.

Please Note: If you location isn't specified here, please feel free to get in contact with us as we maybe able to cover your local area.

Stratford (Head Office)

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Bexley (Albany Park)

View Bexley Pharmacy

Bexley (Bourne Road)

View Bexley Pharmacy

Health Ctr Stanwell (Herman)

View Stanwell Pharmacy

Hove (Parris & Greening)

View Hove - Parris & Greening Pharmacy

Hove (Trinity Medical Ctr)

View Hove - Trinity Med Ctr Pharmacy

Islington (Turnbulls)

View Islington Pharmacy

Lambeth (Paterson)

View Lambeth Pharmacy

The Repeat Prescription Process

We offer a broad range of services; however, no matter the location you are situated in, our professionals can provide you with a thorough repeat prescription process efficiently. You can schedule your collection by visiting in-store, or you can go online to our Osbon Pharmacy website and order the correct prescription to be delivered to you or our stores.

Our professionals have made it far more accessible than contacting your GP and having them contact local pharmacies to prepare your required medications, which can be a more extended process. Contact us today or fill out a form online. 

Free Repeat Prescription

We also offer a free repeat prescription collection and delivery service. 

Repeat Prescriptions Service

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