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Flu Vaccinations

Flu vaccinations are commonly known as the flu jab. It is an injection available every year and will protect you from the flu and its complications risks. Flu can be very unpleasant; if you are otherwise healthy, the flu should clear up within about a week. These jabs are essential regardless of whereabouts you are in the UK and how often you travel; however, they are even more significant if you travel more frequently for leisure or business.

Osbon Pharmacy harnesses plenty of well-looked-after materials and equipment to complete the vaccination process; we also have private consultation rooms to perform such appointments.  Contact us today via phone or email or visit in-store to schedule a vaccination with our professionals. 

Protect Yourself

Flu can be more severe for certain people including; pregnant women, anyone over the age of 65, anyone with underlying health problems and anyone with a weakened immune system. Anyone in these risk groups are more likely to contract potentially serious complications of flu, such as lung infections like pneumonia, it is recommended that you get a flu jab once a year to protect yourself.

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