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First Aid Supplies At Osbon Pharmacy

It is paramount that every local household, industry and commercial space or establishment building has adequate, efficient first aid supplies to cope with any minor injury. Osbon Pharmacy understands this need, so our professionals supply a broad range of first aid boxes with all the vital supplies inside to tackle all types of medical issues. Our range of first aid supplies stem from plasters to complete kits, whatever your need for first aid, we have a kit or component that will suit that need.

If you would like a first aid kit that you can leave in your car or to take travelling with you then we have the perfect one for you, we have small kits which will fit in to a glove box or your suitcase easily to ensure you are prepared to tackle most first aid tasks. We also have larger ones which are perfect for businesses. With our excellent customer service and top-quality advice, whatever you need, our company can supply.

Products Available

We sell many products separately as well, these can either be used as a one off product or used to refill your existing first aid kit, we have a range of plasters, bandages, slings, creams, hot and cold packs and a whole lot more. You could use these products to create your own kit if you have a specific need in mind.

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