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Diabetes Services

As you may know, these checks are vital to weekly, monthly and annual diabetes care. You can carry out some checks at home, but we are here to help you keep on top of your condition. Diabetes checks allow you to really make a difference; they enable those struggling to manage their diabetes and control the condition better than you may have ever thought possible.

Our professionals at Osbon Pharmacy will check your insulin use and your blood sugar levels. We'll also discuss the treatments and lifestyle habits you are working on to help better control your condition and keep you on the right track to health. Contact us today, and our medical staff will arrange a private consultation or any diabetic tests that you feel you or your loved one require. 

Managing Your Diabetes

We have a lot of advice to offer anyone trying to manage their diabetes and our checks are always a step in the right direction, they allow us to see where you need to improve your lifestyle a bit and which areas you are doing great in. If you have just been recently diagnosed with diabetes then it is just as important that you get regular check ups so that you are in control. Osbon Pharmacy can help.

Free Repeat Prescription

We also offer a free repeat prescription collection and delivery service. 

Repeat Prescriptions Service

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Free Blood Pressure Testing

The easiest way of checking if your blood pressure is too high or too low. 

Blood Pressure Testing